Fund Raising

Woolton Village resident’s Association was formed in October 1981, with the principal objectives being to represent the interests of the Community and help protect/conserve the green and built environment for the benefit of all who live, work in and visit Woolton.

We are not a single interest Resident’s Association focussed purely on local matters, but have a wider portfolio of projects and activities which are of benefit to people both near and far.

Examples are

Liverpool Bumblebee Haven Project to help protect Wild Bumblebees

Woolton Wood and Camp Hill Parkland Management

Quarry Street Children’s Playground Management

Woolton Baths (1893) Restoration Project to help re-open the Baths

Father Christmas free Annual Event open to all to help celebrate the festive season

Table Sales and Coffee Mornings to meet & greet people and pick up a bargain

We attract volunteers of all ages and backgrounds from across Liverpool, who enjoy the friendly and warm welcome they receive by taking part in productive practical work to benefit community engagement, and help reinforce community spirit. To help sustain and achieve these aims we fund raise via several methods, including grant applications, donations, merchandising sales and membership fees.

To support any of the above projects, please visit our PayPal donations page using the link below.


We also have a number of memorabilia for sale on our Amazon store

Red and Green Woolton Village Centuary Plaques

Black Woolton Village Centenary Pendants

Woolton Swimming Baths Tea Towel