Welcome to Woolton Village Residents Association Website.

The objective of the Association is to represent the interests of the Residents of Woolton Village, without fear or favour, to the best of its ability, and to protect and conserve both the built and natural environment.

Association members are involved in several different projects / portfolios throughout the Village and our new website will help explain what we do and how you can become involved in helping improve the quality of life for all.

The Residents Association was formed in October 1981 primarily to represent residents interests in opposing the rapid expansion of licensed premises in the village, the high level of unruly behaviour occurring on the streets at that time, and engage with the Police and Council in helping improve the quality of life for all.

Our Association is always working towards achieving a cleaner, safer and a more colourful village to live and work in and has done so since its formation.

Since 2000 we have helped regenerate Woolton Woods & Camp Hill together with the Quarry Street playground, including creating Liverpool Bumblebee Haven Project.

The Association Funds and organises Woolton Village Christmas Tree event, including arranging a Father Christmas visit on his sleigh each November.

Members manage Woolton Baths (1893) Regeneration Project to restore the whole building and re open the swimming pool.

We hold regular table sales and events to raise voluntary funding at which all are welcome.

We not only want to raise essential funding by holding events and making significant grant applications, but to also provide regular meeting hubs at which people can have a good time and meet and greet friends and neighbours.